Paula the Koala by Karen Gentry

Paula the Koala

by Karen Gentry

Illustrated by Gail Ross

Paula, an everyday koala bear in Australia, awakes to find her fur sparkles. She spends the day in a quest to find out why. Her fur had never sparkled before. Meet Paula's friends she meets in her quest.

Too sleepy to fix herself something to eat,
She filled a big tub up to soak her sore feet.
And as she sat still in the beams of the moon
With her fur casting diamonds around the quaint room,
Paula still knew as she'd always before
That she was a koala, and nothing more.
So she smiled and said, "Thank you" for her precious prize,
Yawned a deep yawn and at last closed her eyes.

The book is written in lyrical prose and is full of watercolor illustrations.

Lorraine's daughter - Karen Gentry - published book "Paula the Koala"

"Paula the Koala" is available for purchasing at
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